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Is 20 minutes a week enough? Does it really work? How? We know you have questions and we’ve got answers for you on this web site. But in truth, you have to experience fit20 yourself to get the full picture. We offer free introductory sessions so it’s easy to give it a try. We tailor the free session to your specific needs and answer all your questions. There is never any obligation to join, we love telling people about our unique training method and the amazing results our members experience. We are ready to help, are you ready to give fit20 a try?

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"20 minutes is all you need to get amazing results and change your life"

Customer story of Yvonne Rego

"I am no longer lethargic and my body no longer aches. My constant back pain has almost disappeared."

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"I have lost weight, toned up and have a lot more strength when walking"

Customer story of Eleanor Selley

"I have learnt about additional benefits fit20 can give you other than the usual ‘getting fitter and losing weight’, such as, improving blood pressure and improving overall energy levels."

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More than 20,000 members

20,000+ members train with us weekly to improve their strength and overall health. Our expert trainers have coached over 1 million sessions. Read some testimonials here. Would you like to experience the benefits of our unique training yourself? Book a FREE training session!


Scientifically Proven

The world’s largest study ever in sports and exercise science has proven that fit20 members gain 30-50% strength in their first year of training, regardless of their age, gender, or fitness level. The benefits of strength training range from increased flexibility and bone density to blood sugar and blood pressure regulation.


Over 170 studios Worldwide

fit20’s reputation is growing rapidly globally and within the UK. We are now in 10 countries and recently opened our first studio in Scotland. fit20 studios are opening in Birstall Leicestershire, Guildford, Halifax, Harrogate, Henley, Nantwich, Torbay, and East London early this year.

Why do you always train with a personal trainer at fit20?

Exercise research clearly shows that your training results are better when you work out with a trainer. Our trainers help you stay motivated and coach you through the difficult spots. They pay attention to your posture to avoid injury. They also monitor your breathing, your exercise pace and rhythm, so you get the best results from your training. Finally, they record your performance every week to track your progress. Of course, they love answering your questions about the fit20 training and what it does for your health and fitness.

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